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Vertical Star Crest Awards

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In 2002 the BBMSC launched its vertical RW awards: The VSCR and VSCS. Although the majority of vertical Star Crest Recipients recorded so far have resulted from hybrid formations, the intent of these new awards is to include ALL vertical formations of 8 or more participants as long as the exit requirements are followed.


The Vertical Star Crest Recipient formation may launch up to a 4-way and must participate in a freefall formation involving eight or more skydivers in any freefall configuration (sitting, standing, heads-down). No more than one-half (but not necessarily any) of the formation may fly belly to earth. The final formation must be held together for a minimum of 5 seconds.


The Vertical Star Crest Solo recipient must participate in a vSCR qualifying skydive, no grips on exit, dock as 8th or later and not dock belly to earth. After the candidate docks, the formation must be held together for a minimum of 5 seconds. 
Liz Quinter earns vSCR# 47 on this beautiful hybrid dive at Eloy, Arizona on March 8th, 2002.

Photo: Bart Stonestreet. (top)

Walter Ferguson, Mike Hedger and Robert Long earn their vSCR's on July 4th, 2009, while Leonardo Cardenas and Sean Ferguson earn theirs on the 5th at Skydive Spaceland in Rosharon, Texas.


Amy Becker earns vSCR# 37 on this hybrid dive at Perris, California organized by Missy Nelson on January 19th, 2002. (bottom)

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