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Star Crest Skydiving Awards
Official Application for Certification

We the undersigned attest that on


the above named skydiver did participate in a

skydiving formation entering

for a period of

seconds on their jump number

and doses thereby

qualify for the membership applying for:

List Skydivers on Jump in order of position

Please have your SCR # next to name when applicable

Each Star Crest Award is $30.00. New membership awards include: 1 Embroidered Emblem, 1 Decal, 1 Number Tag, 1  Certificate and 1 Member Card. Earning 2 or more awards on the same day receive a $5.00 off each additional award. Please call for foreign and overseas shipping fees.

All fees can be paid on our online store or PayPal:

Congratulations and Thank You for your Application!
Please click the link below to complete your SCR Membership.


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