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Bob Buquor Memorial


2012 inductee of the International skydiving
Museum & hall of fame

The world's #1 & Longest Running Skydiving Awards Club Since 1967

Hello & Welcome

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned skydiver, no doubt you've been exuburated by the thrill and adrenalin rush of freefall! In skydiving like other sports, it's goals, achievements and recognition that motivate the participants toward excellence and perfection. The original idea for the SCR fit those requisites and has since expanded into skydiving’s oldest and longest running free fall awards program. From 1967 to date, we are approaching 27,000 Star Crest awards in 32 countries world-wide. More skydivers today hold SCR’s and SCS’s than any other freefall awards. Our progressive STAR CREST awards require a higher skill set so once the SCR & SCS have been achieved the personal challenge continues by earning the next 10 SCR awards we offer. 

Once a member, always a member; no membership dues!

first eight man Star

1st 8-man star-bmp.JPG
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